InSignum One

Detects and recognizes important sounds around you
Conveys the source of the sounds through vibration
Lasts for months on a single charge
Fully customizable behaviour with any smart device

Why our product exists

An emergency alarm went of at my workplace, a chemical research lab. I couldn't hear the alarm. luckily I was warned by a collugue, but what if I would have been in the bathroom? What if there hadn't been anyone there to warn me?
Carolina, Porto
I was almost run over by an ambulance. It was coming from behind a truck and people didn't warn me because they expected me to hear it and stop.
Alex, Madrid
People tend to get angry because they think you are ignoring them, not knowing you are deaf. Once a floor cleaning machine driver was yelling and complaining because I didn't move out off the way, but of course it was just that I couldn't hear him.
André, Stockholm